What is SBFM?

YWAM Maui’s School of Biblical foundation & Missions is a 3-6 month intensive training program focused on Biblical Studies, Apologetics, and Understanding Truth as God sees it.

3 Months of Training in Maui

3 Months of Optional Outreach in the Nations

We welcome any individuals who have completed a Discipleship Training School and have a desire to know God more and to be better equipped to share His truth in love, wherever God calls them.  In these 3 months, we will cover topics such as World View, Apologetics (defending your faith), Inductive Bible Study, Understanding the Times, etc.  We will take a look at how the Bible instructs us on how to handle every aspect of life from government to family, arts & entertainment to education.  Through this program, you’ll be better prepared to explain why your faith is not just experiential but backed up by science, history, and moral law.  You will learn more about a variety of belief systems helping you understand where people are coming from and how to better reach them where they’re at.


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